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Six Star Communications employ the best support technicians in the telecommunications industry. Seriously. We only employ technicians who share our dedication to providing outstanding customer service and who view every new client as a challenge that is waiting to be overcome. It sounds a bit cliché, but that’s just how we roll.

The telecommunications industry is infamous for horrible customer service – the big telcos have a very limited supply of their own technicians to service their very large number of customers, so they have set up an obstacle course that customers must successfully pass to go onto the waiting list for a technician. The first obstacle is the patience test, where they put you on hold for an inhumane amount of time. The second obstacle is the endurance relay, where you are transferred from call centre to call centre, having to re-explain your problem each time while the person on the other end of the line gives you advice like ‘have you checked it is plugged in correctly’. Once you get past this stage you will be faced with the flexibility challenge, where your schedule must be flexible enough that you can be on-site within 10 minutes notice any time in the next week so that they can send a technician – this is your one chance and if you fail this stage then you must go back to the beginning and start all over again.

But at Six Star Communications, we are different.

For starters, we employ enough technicians to support our entire customer base, plus some. They are all local and based at our Melbourne and Regional Victoria locations, so sending one out to your location is quick and painless, all you’ve got to do is call us on 1300 232 199 and ask.

We also let you know when we are going to be there and we stick to it – none of that ‘we’ll be there sometime between 9am Monday and 5pm Friday so make sure you have someone on-site at all times’ business. The fact that you are booking a technician means that you are in control – just tell us what time and day suits you and we’ll be there.

What does a Six Star Communications Technician Do?

Our technicians aren’t sales people. They aren’t getting a commission or kickback. They are not going to try and upsell you to new hardware that you don’t really need just so that they can get a few extra bucks in their pay that week.

Six Star Communications technicians exist to provide support, advice and troubleshooting expertise to our customers. Some of the different services that they are available for include:

  • Set-ups and installations of telephone and internet systems and hardware
  • Training for telephone systems and hardware
  • Consultation and advice for growing businesses who are unsure what they need
  • General trouble-shooting, servicing and repairs of systems that are experiencing issues

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