Support You Can Actually Rely On!

Six Star Communications provide support services that you can rely on. We are fast and we are comprehensive – this means that we take care of the problem from start to finish, even if it means that we have to sit on hold with your internet service provider for two hours on your behalf! We prioritise our support contract clients because we understand that a break in your internet, phone or electricity service can be detrimental to your business and productivity levels. We will do everything within our power to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our team are all Melbourne-based, and our support phone number is a direct line to our team of consultants – no transfers through multiple call centres, no sitting on hold for 20 minutes listing to horrible elevator music – it is direct access to a team of support staff whose main priority is to get you back up and running.

Not convinced? Check out what some of our existing support customers have had to say about our support. 1300 232 199 is our direct line – call us if you don’t believe us!

Support Packages:

How does priority, personalised service for your business sound? We have a range of package options to choose from based on your business’s size and requirements but they all include priority access to our 24/7 support team. We have a team of support consultants at the ready to help you with troubleshooting issues as well as on-the-ground technicians who are available for on-site troubleshooting if required.

Need Support NOW?

If you have an existing issue that is causing problems for your business please get in touch with the Six Star Communications support team – you do not need to be an existing customer to request assistance from our support team! Give the team at Six Star Communications a call today on 1300 232 199 – we know there are ways to help your business!