Review Before You Renew

Review Before You Renew

As you’re wrapping up the last few months of your business phone or internet contract, it’s important to start considering your next contract, and what you’d like to see from your service provider in the future. The available technology may have changed or prices may have become more competitive, and spending a little bit of time looking at what is available could result in you securing a better contract with more inclusions for less money.

Read on as we discuss what to look for in a contract renewal, and how you can use your impending contract lapse as a bargaining chip to get more features or a better price.

Can I Really Negotiate a Better Deal?

Remember that your provider will often include installation fees and other administration fees as part of your service when you first set it up, and those are fixed costs to the service provider that won’t reappear if you simply renew the contract. This means that your provider is saving money by having you renew your contract when you’ve already got all the installation covered. So, unless you’ve got the most competitive deal on the market, it’s always worthwhile bargaining with the sales manager to see if you can get a price drop, new hardware, or a service upgrade to sweeten the detail. Remember: If you don’t ask, you won’t get.

Price Change

This one is obvious, but prices change, and no, it doesn’t always mean you’ll be paying more –  as more people adapt to technology, the costs will decrease. So, while you may have gotten the best deal on your contract two years ago, there very well could be competitors offering the same thing you have now for much less.

A prime example of this happening is with fibre internet. Years ago, you’d need to pay tens of thousands per year for a custom line, but as the NBN has arrived with lower prices and national adaptation, private fibre networks are adjusting their prices to stay competitive and keep businesses attracted. So, when you’re on the phone with your ISP’s sales manager or service representative, try and get them to throw in a couple months free, or ask for a price reduction to see if they’ll bite.

Get New Hardware

Just like they might have included installation costs, your provider may have also provided you with new hardware as part of your contract, so it’s hardly fair that you’ll be paying the same without getting all the ‘free’ stuff you did when you first signed up. Technology changes, and after a two or three-year contract, there may be some better, more reliable models of phones, modems and routers available. Just make sure that if you do get some upgraded hardware thrown in, that it is compatible with any existing computers, phone and internet systems that you’re keeping.

Upgrade Your Level of Service

Thinking that your current internet isn’t cutting it? If you were intending to change services anyway, now might be a time to negotiate new features into your existing contract, such as a higher bandwidth or internet speed at the same price you’re paying now. As mentioned earlier, when technology advances, prices decrease, so a higher level of service, or a new technology altogether (such as business fibre) might seem more reasonable now than it did when you initially signed the contract.

Professional Telecommunications Assistance:

Six Star Communications provide a professional telecommunications support service for Australian businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you need help reviewing your existing contract, finding the best deal or negotiating inclusions, our team can provide you with assistance. Get in touch with us on 1300 232 199 for more information.