What is a Private Fibre Network?

Private Fibre Network

We’ve talked about how the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) will transform the way businesses operate in Australia in some of our previous blogs, but for the increasing amount of businesses that are unhappy with or reluctant to use the NBN, there are private fibre networks out there to fill the gap. With all the bad press NBN Co has recently been getting, along with the tens of thousands of complaints regarding NBN being filed to the telecommunications industry ombudsman, it’s no surprise that small businesses in Australia are untrustworthy of future roll-outs and are finding that the NBN simply isn’t cutting it for their usage requirements.

Fortunately, more and more private fibre networks are being established in Australian capital cities to provide a bit more competition in the field and hopefully in the future, bringing the costs of a high-speed fibre connection down to a price that is widely accessible by everyday Australians.

Fibre 400:

One of our favoured business fibre alternatives for medium-sized businesses are the Fibre 400 plans offered by numerous telcos across Australia’s Eastern capital cities. These plans are great for medium-sized businesses with large internet usage as well as shared office spaces, as they offer symmetrical 400mb/s upload and download speeds and competitive pricing. Fibre 40 is also offered, but it will soon prove obsolete with continued rollout of the NBN.

Compared with the highest NBN plan available, Fibre 400 plans offer four times as much download speed, and 1000% more upload speed, but you will be paying roughly four times as much per month. That’s not to mention that these speeds are guaranteed, because unlike NBN which can be Fibre to the Node (FTTN), private fibre connections are direct fibre from the exchange to your building, allowing for incredibly fast speeds without speed degradation, something NBN plans cannot always guarantee.

Other Fibre Providers:

It seems every other month there’s news of a new private fibre network popping up, and with each new entry to the market, there’s more and more incentives for growing medium-sized businesses to make the switch. Speeds being offered by some of these networks include symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 1Gbps.

Recent entries to the private fibre network market include:

  • DGtek
  • Lightning Broadband
  • Opticomm

Many of the new private fibre network companies offer wholesaling to ISPs, meaning there will still be competition amongst ISPs, similar to the ADSL or NBN market. As more private fibre networks pop up, prices are inevitably going to fall, even for the private networks not wholesaling to other ISPs.

Want more?

In our next blog article, we will take a more detailed look private fibre solutions and how they compare with the NBN. In the meantime, if you would like to discuss what is involved in making the switch to private fibre for your business, get in touch with Six Star Communications today on 1300 232 199.