About Six Star Communications:

More than just a telco

Six Star Communications was established by Brian I’Anson, a local Melbourne resident who has over 30 years of experience working in the telecommunications industry. After working in vendor companies supporting telco sales channel for many years, Brian became frustrated with the lack of support that the big companies were offering their customers. Six Star Communications was born out of a desire to not only provide seamless telecommunications solutions but also to provide support that you can rely on for these solutions.

Don’t understand your telephone bill? Having trouble deciding what to do with your old telephone system? Do I need a new system if I am expanding? Not sure how NBN works? These are all pain points that our team of support experts – all based in Melbourne – are on hand to help answer.
We are more than just solutions – we are answers.

Skip the queues, avoid the call centres and bypass long hold times to receive immediate access to an actual human, who is actually sitting in our Melbourne office, waiting for you to call and ask them for help.

The Six Star Ethos:

Six Star Communications was created because there were large issues with the telecommunications industry – for an industry that is built on communicating, all the big players are notoriously hard to get hold of! They outsource their own communications to call centres where the troubleshooting advice usually consists of ‘have you tried turning it off and then turning it back on again?’

At Six Star Communications, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We are easy to get in touch with – simply give us a call on
1300 232 199 and you’ll be put straight through to a consultant sitting in our office. You won’t have to sit on hold for half an hour or be passed through three different call centres to finally reach someone here in Melbourne.

1300 232 199 is our direct line – call us if you don’t believe us!

The Six Star Team:

The Six Star Technical arsenal is now supported by a team of fully trained and vastly experienced telecommunications technicians and consultants who are all based in our Melbourne office. Between them they have over 100 years of telecommunications experience in both installation and fault analysis.

Our team genuinely get a kick out of helping our customers solve their problems – we love the challenges, and we understand the technology and equipment inside-out. This puts us in the best place to help solve both minor and major issues that are preventing your business from running as efficiently as possible.

Our consultants are on hand to answer any questions, big or small, that you might have about the equipment, plans, systems or billing, as well as to assist with any troubleshooting queries, while our technicians are available for on-site visits to review your existing systems, provide recommendations, assist with set-ups and provide trouble-shooting assistance.

Got Questions?

Give the team at Six Star Communications a call today on 1300 232 199 – we know there are ways to help your business!